GemPRIME, our flagship web3 product, is an advanced solution designed to provide an in-depth, unbiased analysis of your cryptocurrency project. This service is crafted to transform complex protocols into digestible insights, aiding in greater comprehension and accessibility for your community. We believe in full transparency, and thus our meticulously compiled document includes references to all source material, fostering trust and encouraging further scrutiny.


Our unique service offering includes the provision of a Certificate upon publication. This Certificate is a potent marketing asset, visually presenting your project's final rating in an engaging manner and emphasizing its strengths. We also offer a two-year after-sales service, comprising two additional reports and certificates at no extra cost, further enhancing the value of GemPRIME.


GemPRIME is ideal for projects that have achieved their MVP, completed significant upgrades, reached major milestones, or listed their token/coin for public sale. It offers numerous benefits, including a two-year after-sales service, access to a variety of wider services, and a certificate. However, please note that confidentiality is not part of this package.


Below is a snapshot of our offering:



  • £4000.00 (GBP), or its equivalent value in $USDC or $USDT (via the BEP20 network)


Key Features:

  • Certificate: Upon publication of the analysis, we issue a Certificate that serves as a powerful marketing asset.
  • Continued Growth Support: GemPRIME offers two additional updates to your report, certificate, and other deliverables over two years, all at no further cost, bolstering your development journey.
  • Tailored Report: We create a report that is tailored for a wider audience, simplifying complex protocols for enhanced understanding.
  • Flexible Payment: On a case-by-case basis, payment in native tokens may be accepted, subject to our Terms.
  • Partner Discount: If you engage in a paid service with one of our Ecosystem Partners, we offer an additional discount for GemPRIME.
  • Website Badge: A symbol of excellence and trustworthiness. Terms apply. (Coming Soon)*
  • Lite Version: Streamlined 2-page report with essential infographs, tailored for newcomers. (Coming Soon)*
  • GitHub Repository: Enhance visibility with open publication. (Coming Soon)*



  • Confidentiality: Please note that GemPRIME does not include a confidentiality provision.


* Any future enhancements or additions to our service offerings will be retroactively applied and made available to our existing clients, reflecting our commitment to continuous improvement and client satisfaction.



In conclusion, GemPRIME is designed to empower your project with a comprehensive and transparent analysis, tailored to the understanding of your community. With the added value of our two-year after-sales service and the Certificate upon publication, your project can effectively navigate the competitive cryptocurrency market. Let GemPRIME be the catalyst in transforming your project into a recognized and trusted player in the cryptocurrency landscape.


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