GemGUARD represents a new benchmark in the world of cryptocurrency project analysis and auditing solutions. This offering is the result of our esteemed collaboration with security partner SolidProof, culminating in an unprecedented triumvirate of services: GemPRIME, Smart Contract Audits, and KYC Audits. This combination ensures that your project is examined from both a fundamental and technical perspective, promoting a level of trust that drives community and stakeholder confidence, thereby accelerating user volume growth.


GemGUARD is designed for projects that have achieved their MVP and are focused on boosting trust and driving growth. It provides all the services offered by GemPRIME, along with the additional advantage of SolidProof's services at a discounted rate. However, it is worth noting that confidentiality is not included in this package.


Outlined below is an overview of our offering:



  • Starting at £5000.00 (GBP), or its equivalent value in $USDC or $USDT (via the BEP20 network).
  • Please note, the final quotation is subject to the complexity of code and scope of smart contracts.


Key Features:

  • Certificate: GemPRIME and SolidProof certificates issued upon publication, serving as potent marketing assets for your project.
  • Sustained Development Boost: GemGUARD aligns with GemPRIME, offering two additional updates over two years to your report, certificate, and deliverables, all at no extra cost, reinforcing your developmental journey.
  • Tailored Report: We deliver a report specifically tailored for a wider audience, breaking down complex aspects for enhanced comprehension.
  • Combined Service at Discounted Rate: We offer our fundamental and technical services at a discounted rate when bundled under GemGUARD.
  • Partner Discount: Further discounts for GemGUARD are available when a paid service with one of our other Ecosystem Partners is engaged.
  • Website Badge: A symbol of excellence and trustworthiness. Terms apply. (Coming Soon)*
  • Lite Version: Streamlined 2-page report with essential infographs, tailored for newcomers. (Coming Soon)*
  • GitHub Repository: Enhance visibility with open publication. (Coming Soon)*



  • Confidentiality: Please note that confidentiality is not a feature of the GemGUARD package.
  • Payment Methods: We currently do not accept payments in native tokens for GemGUARD.


* Any future enhancements or additions to our service offerings will be retroactively applied and made available to our existing clients, reflecting our commitment to continuous improvement and client satisfaction.



In closing, GemGUARD presents a unique and powerful solution for cryptocurrency projects looking to solidify trust and accelerate growth. Combining comprehensive fundamental analysis, smart contract audits, and KYC audits, GemGUARD provides a complete package to strengthen your project's standing in the competitive cryptocurrency market. Let GemGUARD be the comprehensive solution that propels your project to the next level of recognition and success.


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