Introducing MGH Consulting

MGH Consulting is recognised as a leading authority in the web3 domain and a pioneer in the concept of Fundamentals as a Service (FaaS). We have relentlessly innovated to conceptualise and launch market-defining solutions, such as GemFORGE, GemPRIME, and GemGUARD, grounded in comprehensive research and clinical fundamental analysis. Our overarching objective is to challenge existing norms and redefine market standards for service delivery within the rapidly evolving web3 space.

Our solution, GemFORGE, is uniquely designed with an option for temporary confidentiality. We appreciate the importance of privacy during the early stages of innovation and thereby provide a buffer to allow crucial developments to materialise before reaching the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stage.

GemPRIME, another one of our notable offerings, includes a two-year after-sales service with rating certification. This extended support and certified trust metric is designed to foster confidence among your community and stakeholders, facilitating an accelerated growth in user volume.

Our third solution, GemGUARD, extends beyond the scope of GemPRIME by offering a combined service in partnership with our security ally, SolidProof. This solution provides comprehensive smart contract and Know Your Customer (KYC) auditing services. GemGUARD is the world's first ‘Triumvirate’ of auditing and analysis solutions, marking a breakthrough in the web3 industry.

To leverage our research findings and add substantial value, we have curated an ecosystem of world-class service providers. This ecosystem ensures that solutions identified by us are implemented proficiently and effectively, thereby contributing to our clients' success.

While others in our sector may provide similar services, none can rival the depth, scope, progression, and consistent level of quality we offer at MGH Consulting. Our unwavering commitment to excellence sets us apart, positioning MGH Consulting as a trusted partner in the web3 domain.

MGH Consulting


GemPRIME, our flagship web3 product, is an advanced solution designed to provide an in-depth, unbiased analysis of your cryptocurrency project. This service is crafted to transform complex protocols into digestible insights, aiding in greater comprehension and accessibility for your community. We believe in full transparency, and thus our meticulously compiled document includes references to all source material, fostering trust and encouraging further scrutiny.

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MGH Consulting


GemFORGE offers a bespoke solution tailored to the unique review needs of innovative cryptocurrency projects. Navigating through the rapidly evolving digital currency landscape can be complex, and that's where we come in. We provide an objective and thorough external assessment, identifying potential challenges and delivering customized solutions to meet your project's specific needs.

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MGH Consulting


GemGUARD represents a new benchmark in the world of cryptocurrency project analysis and auditing solutions. This offering is the result of our esteemed collaboration with security partner SolidProof, culminating in an unprecedented triumvirate of services: GemPRIME, Smart Contract Audits, and KYC Audits. This combination ensures that your project is examined from both a fundamental and technical perspective, promoting a level of trust that drives community and stakeholder confidence, thereby accelerating user volume growth.

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MGH Consulting


In addition to our exceptional services, we present our comprehensive ecosystem that goes beyond stating the need for a solution – we offer immediate options to address your requirements. Whether you already recognize the need for a solution but aren't sure where to turn, or you are actively seeking a solution, we've got you covered. Our ecosystem is designed to provide you with the necessary resources and support to propel your project forward.

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MGH Consulting

Proof of Work


Boasting an impressive portfolio of over 100 successful reports, we harness our vast experience to ensure exceptional delivery, every single time!

MGH Consulting


Intrigued by the aesthetics, assurance, and marketability our certifications from GemPRIME and GemGUARD offer? Allow us to unveil a few recent exemplars of these prestigious accolades:


Strategic Partnerships!

If you're seeking strategic partnerships to bolster your project's growth, we're here to help. Leveraging our extensive experience and vast exposure across the cryptoverse, we are well-positioned to identify businesses and projects that can complement your offerings. Whether it's expanding services, tapping into new markets, or fostering collaborative innovation, we can guide you in forging alliances that align with your strategic goals. Let us be your catalyst in navigating these partnerships that could propel your project to new heights in the cryptocurrency sector.

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Our partners are not just established, they're trailblazers, renowned for their pioneering accomplishments in their respective fields!

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Ecosystem Services

Should any of ours or our Partners services pique your interest, or should you require further information, we invite you to complete our enquiry form, conveniently accessible here. Alternatively, seize the opportunity to directly schedule a call with Chris through this link. We're here to transform your vision into reality! 

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Q & A

Although there are other firms that assess Fundamental Analysis for crypto projects, MGH Consulting stands alone in the depth, breadth, and quality of our assessments. We are the first to offer Certification, a 2-year after-sales service, and additional innovative deliverables are currently in development.

No, there is no need for separate payment. MGH Consulting takes payment for the GemGUARD service at the time the Agreement is made. The final quotation, however, will include their fees and will be determined based on the full scope and complexity of your code.

Upon concluding the Confidentiality period, the report will be updated for public release. By paying the upgrade fee, you'll receive Certification and After- Sales services of GemPRIME. Additional details on GemPRIME services can be found here

As Certification is meant for public display, it is not compatible with Confidentiality. You can, however, upgrade to GemPRIME and receive Certification upon concluding the Confidentiality period.

A detailed infographic including all current services provided by our Ecosystem Partners is available here . If you require further assistance, please contact us with your specific needs and budget, and we'll connect you with the appropriate Partner.

While you may seek services from our Partners directly, our referral offers you a discount on their quotation and/or additional deliverables, benefits you may not receive through direct contact. It represents a more cost-effective option.

MGH Consulting primarily accepts payment in GBP (£), although we also accept USD-pegged stablecoins like USDC and USDT. The USD equivalent will be calculated on the date of the invoice, and all relevant payment information is included in the invoice itself.

As a registered entity with various obligations, we perform an initial assessment of your project before accepting payment in native tokens or coins. This includes evaluating factors such as listing on an exchange for public sale, any vesting schedules, and potential passive income opportunities. Accepting such payment will include an additional risk charge ranging from 10% to 50%.

MGH Consulting does not offer payment in instalments. Once an agreement is finalized, full payment is required in advance of delivery, reflecting the time needed to complete our research.

The timeframe for completing our research is largely contingent on the complexity of the individual project. Generally, we estimate a period of up to 28 days, though this can extend further. Delays often occur due to slow responses from the project team to our inquiries. The presence of a knowledgeable representative, particularly one well-versed in the project's tokenomics, can greatly enhance the efficiency of our service, potentially reducing the completion time.