Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder


Kübra is an industry visionary whose creativity and innovation have consistently set her apart in a highly competitive global landscape. Her career began as a Visual Merchandiser, where she excelled in managing large teams for some of the world's most renowned fashion brands. This exposure to a high-intensity global industry allowed her to transition her creativity into web and graphic design, where she founded and led a highly successful business. In accepting the role of Chief Executive Officer at MGH Consulting, Kübra transformed the company into a sustainable business model. With a passion for cryptocurrency that dates back to 2013, she holds a unique position, being involved in the field arguably longer than over 99% of all active participants worldwide. Crypto is not merely a business to Kübra; it's her calling. As the Conductor to MGH Consulting's Orchestra, she leads with vision and flair. Click here for Kübra's LinkedIn.



Chris (aka Milky)

Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder


With an active presence in the crypto world since 2020, Chris's journey began as an investor and evolved through roles in Fundamental Analysis, Business Development, and now as the Chief Operating Officer at MGH Consulting. His extensive history in data research and analysis, especially in the Utility Industry, has allowed him to specialize in fostering trusted relationships and encouraging transparency. Known in the crypto space as Milky, Chris has earned accolades for his diligence, ethics, skill, and professionalism. Recognizing the serious lack of quality objective research in the crypto arena, he worked closely with Kübra to establish MGH's ethical standards and format. Together, they are committed to not only helping individuals understand crypto projects, but also providing critical feedback to ensure the projects' success. Click here for Chris's LinkedIn.




Chief Revenue Officer


James embodies the entrepreneurial spirit. With an honours degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship, he leaped into the fast-paced recruitment industry. His innate business acumen and charisma rapidly propelled him to executive-level positions within 5 years. Now, 12 years into his vibrant career, he serves on the boards of five different companies, three of which he founded, with a special focus on Tech. As the Chief Revenue Officer at MGH Consulting, James leverages his extensive network to integrate traditional business into blockchain, thereby expanding MGH’s consultancy services in the industry. Click here for James's LinkedIn.




Senior Graphic Designer


Doğukan's 11-year career in the software industry has seen him evolve from database programming and application development to becoming an accomplished graphic designer and crypto investor. His adaptability and competence with programs like Adobe After Effect, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Photoshop have made him a multi-skilled asset. As the Senior Graphic Designer at MGH Consulting, Doğukan's creativity and work ethic play a pivotal role in crafting material that raises awareness about what MGH delivers. Click here for Doğukan's LinkedIn.




Senior Back-End Developer


With 12 years of rich experience, Seçkin has explored almost every facet of the software industry, with a special emphasis on website development. His expertise in database systems such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Access, along with his focus on languages like PHP & JavaScript, has earned him respect and renown in Turkey. As MGH Consulting's Senior Back-end Developer, Seçkin continues to evolve, with Solidity and Python being the next milestones on his professional roadmap. Click here for Seçkin's LinkedIn.




Senior Analyst


Boasting over 15 years of experience in Supply Chain management and project execution, primarily in the pharmaceutical industry, Gianfranco's attention to detail and research ability are unparalleled. Since discovering the crypto world in 2021, he has actively sought to expand his understanding of real-world applications of Web3 and blockchain. Collaborative and network-driven, Gianfranco integrates his investment, trading, and writing skills into his role as a fundamental analysis researcher at MGH Consulting. His achievements in 2023 include Coursera qualifications in "Introduction to Supply Chain Finance & Blockchain Technology", "Web3 and Blockchain Transformation in Global Supply Chains"; and certified as a Cryptocurrency Auditor by the Blockchain Council. Click here for Gianfranco's LinkedIn.




Technical Analyst


Craig's deep knowledge of financial markets, encompassing trading forex, commodities, and stock indices, has allowed him to specialize in technical analysis, market sentiment, seasonality, and macroeconomics. Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Economics, Craig has been an active crypto trader since 2011 and a keen follower of Milky's (Chris's) work. Approached by MGH in early 2023 to provide technical analysis and spot limit signals for the MGH "Pioneer" community, Craig has embraced the opportunity to contribute his expertise, reinforcing the value MGH offers to its community. Click here for Craig's LinkedIn.