A comprehensive analysis of your project delivered in a single report at the fundamental level. But unlike Fundamental Analysis (FA) Reports offered by others, we delve deep into all relevant aspects, including information on how and where to buy your coins/tokens, and enter your protocol or ecosystem.

Our attention to detail ensures the reader has access to in-depth analysis they can refer back to, to make it simple and easy for them to invest in you should you align with their needs.

Our reports are arguably of greater benefit to the projects themselves. Via our independent and impartial expert analysis we higlight key areas of improvement to focus your development, and make yourselves more attractive to the community and institutions. We've had feedback from project CEOs the questions we ask were sufficient to raise awareness of essential aspects they overlooked.


The FA Report we complete covers the following sections:


Does the project offer a solution to real world problems? Has the project innovated a new concept to bring to market? Are they entering a saturated market late? Is there a likelihood of wide adoption? Does the concept attract strong community support? Are they capitalising on a current trend by copying first movers? Is the project sufficiently decentralised to protect it from bad actors and hostile regulation? Is the concept of the protocol entering into a market of negative interest/trend?


Is the network they chosen to build upon suitable for the solution they’re offering? Are they currently multi-chain? Do they have plans to become multi-chain? Do they have cross-chain capability? Which networks do we think they should consider migrating to or opening up to? Is the contract address independently verified on coinmarketcap and/or CoinGecko?


Security Audits:
Has the project undergone a security audit? If so, is the audit is of a sufficient quality of diligence? Has the audit identified any risks not resolved or mitigated by the team? Have they listed the responses from the team in the report? Does the audit report include the full scope of tests completed? Does the audit check for centralisation risks? Do the auditors have a history of missing vulnerabilities, resulting in hacks or exploits of other Projects? 


Unique Selling Points:
What does the project offer which others don’t? Which services do they offer which are widely welcomed? At what level of decentralisation is the project currently? Is the team taking steps to further increase decentralisation? Is the project regulatory compliant? Is the project immune from hostile regulators? Does the project offer options for self-custody? Does the project have early mover advantage? How does this project stack up against key competitors?


Team & Advisors:
Are the Founders and wider team publicly doxxed or anonymous? Has the team undergone a KYC? Have the team proven delivery of their concept? Have previous roadmap targets been met on time? Have the team innovated new technology to bring to market? Does the team consist of sufficiently qualified, skilled and experienced individuals to make a concept become reality? Has the project formed viable partnerships which elevates its service? If the team is anonymous, have they proven their worth over the prior 2 years? If the protocol is open-source, have there been sufficient commits in GitHub to indicate a hardworking and developing team? Do the Founders have a history of failed or rugged projects? Do the Advisors offer expertise of value? Are the team actively engaged and responsive with their community? Do the team proactively inform their community with updates and changes?


Partners & Financial Backers:
Has the team built an ecosystem of mutually beneficial partnerships? Are the financial backers well renowned? Do the financial backers have a history of dumping on projects during adverse market conditions? Is the project over-exposed to any individual financial backer, risking the project in the event the backer faces their own liquidity challenges?


Does the project have a publicly visible roadmap? If so, have they released a long term vision? Are their goals achievable and realistic? Have they achieved prior targets set? Do they update their roadmap on a regular basis? Does the vision show ambition to disrupt and innovate? Do the team adapt their roadmap to changing market conditions?


Does the project provide full disclosure of the economic model of the project? Are the revenue streams sufficient to make it sustainable today? Is there a hard cap on the token/coin supply? Does the vesting of the token/coin indicate risk of market saturation? What is the TVL as a percentage of market cap? How and when do the tokens/coins unlock, and whom do they unlock for? In a percentage, how much of their token/coin supply have they allocated to themselves, their advisors, early and private investors? Is there an inflationary emission? Is the token/coin fully circulating with no further vesting or emissions? Is there a deflationary burn (or buy back and burn) mechanism? If inflationary, can it become deflationary in the future? Have they hard forked to a new tokenomic structure within the last 2 years? If so, has it proven beneficial?


Socials & Community Engagement:
How actively engaged are the team on providing information and updates? How active are they on their social media platforms? Does the social media consist of real engagement, or bots and fake accounts? How useful are their platforms at providing education and information? Is their content tailored to experienced crypto users, or beginners? Are they accepting of criticism & relevant questions, or do they try and stamp it out through blocks and bans?


Useful Links & Information Sources:
How frequently and consistently do they provide content and updates? Are the information sources of sufficient depth, quality and delivered professionally? Are the team transparent or opaque?


Where to Buy:
Does the project focus on DEXs or CEXs? Which exchanges with the most liquidity are they listed on? Are there more suitable CEX's or DEX's they should focus listing on? If the project claims to be 'decentralised' or 'defi', but they're listed on a CEX (or seeking CEX listings), are they still decentralised?


How to Buy:
Which is the most user friendly avenue to onboard with them? Does the project offer passive income opportunities? If so, how wide ranging are their offerings and which is the most advantageous? How do you fiat on and off ramp from their protocol and ecosystem? Are there sufficient options for self-custody? 


Summary - which includes:

  • The Researcher’s personal thoughts on the project (ie strengths and weaknesses)
  • Feedback on what is required to upgrade to achieve a higher rating (if applicable)
  • MGH Rating 
  • Audit Result


Important legal information for the reader.


To complete the most accurate assessment possible it is likely a member of the development team will need to be available to our expert researchers to answer relevant questions.


NOTE: This report is included as standard in the Fundamental Analysis Audit. Information on the Audit can be found here.

NOTE: The MGH Rating is ranked out of 5 stars, with 5 being the best